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My lexus won t start

My lexus won t start

G A answered 4 years ago. Sounds like a voltage drop problem, better check the battery cables for corrosion on the terminal ends and possibly inside the cables. Rowefast answered 4 years ago. Could be a low battery, or bad battery connections. Make sure the battery is charged, and that the battery connections are clean and tight. GuruT9H5Y answered about a year ago.

GuruVZTN8 answered about a year ago. Same problem for me but was fixed but using a razor blade to clean the negative battery cable it was oxidized heavily but after it was scraped down to bare metal it started up fine. GuruBT7M4 answered about a year ago. Won't start long clicking put new starter still no start someone help. Bought this car in March drove for anout a week then parked in garage for 5 to 7 weeks went to start was dead put in brand new battery it started after that it was in garage for 2 days and same th I've replaced several parts spark plugs, PCV valve, air intake hose and battery yet my car still won't start.

Any suggestions my first time repairing my car myself for a girl I feel pretty accompl My es Lexus is completely shut off with no power I have new battery, alternator, starter, relay including new amp fuse are all new but still my car does not power up not even lights in the CarGurus has nationwide ES listings and the tools to find you a great deal.

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The Safety Connect trial period is at no extra cost and begins on the original date of purchase or lease of a new vehicle. After the trial period expires, enrollment in paid subscription is required to access the service. Options shown. Contact with the response center may not be available in all areas. Service Agreement required. A variety of subscription terms available; charges will vary.

Previous model year shown. This may help to recover your vehicle more quickly, minimizing the amount of damage incurred. The Stolen Vehicle Locator system works across the continental U.

With the added benefit of GPS technology, Lexus Enhanced Roadside Assistance makes standard roadside service even more convenient than other services on the market. Whether your vehicle has run out of gas, has a flat tire, needs to be towed or requires a jump start, assistance can be sent to your vehicle's location—all at the press of the Emergency Assistance button SOS.

The Service Connect trial period is at no extra cost and begins on the original date of purchase or lease of a new vehicle. You can view the reports on your desktop, tablet or phone by visiting LexusDrivers. For the ultimate in service convenience, you can choose to have a dealer automatically call you to help schedule a service or check the status of your vehicle.

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And should you unlock your Lexus remotely, the doors will automatically relock after 30 seconds if no further action takes place. The system can also notify you with customizable alerts. To download the Lexus app and enable your devices use the link below. Get directions and destinations delivered by a real person with hour, en-route navigation assistance.To download and learn more about all the app features, select the button below.

The model selected is not equipped with Lexus Enform Services. Please select a different model within the vehicle drop down. Please select a different vehicle from your garage or the vehicle drop down. See More. Certain telecommunications providers have elected to discontinue 3G wireless services by the end ofaffecting select Lexus Vehicles reliant on this network to provide Lexus Enform subscription services.

Have you recently enrolled or renewed your Lexus Enform Remote subscription? Your vehicle may require activation based on the SOS button status with the ignition on.

Refer to statuses below for further information:. Press the SOS button and you will hear the following prompts:. Prompt: "Safety Connect is not active. For information on setting up a new subscription, or to initialize the subscription you've already set up, please press the button again within 5 seconds.

Your vehicle's cellular telecommunications are now active. Next, you will need to subscribe to Enform Remote. To Subscribe:. Is this an emergency? Next you will hear "Connecting you to a live agent", and you will be connected to an agent who can enroll you in Enform Remote. On The Web: www. When using the Enform Remote engine start function, the engine will run for only 10 minutes and shut off to conserve fuel. In addition, if any doors are opened the vehicle will shut off due to an antitheft safeguard.

Connectivity between your cell phone and vehicle must first be established for commands to work.Battery was getting week, so I changed the battery. Now the car will not turn over and will not start.

Can anyone help? My car wont start, it turns over but will not run.

Is there a reset or security systems reset that is preventing the car from starting? Brand new battery and new battery tested fine.

GK answered 7 years ago. Thanks Tom. This is GK again. I need to provide more detail. The starter does not turn one degree of revolution, the solenoid does not click or chatter. It is as if the starter has been removed from the car. No turning and no sounds. Please respond, thank you in advance. I have the same problem mentioned above. It was a cold morning and my car would not start.

I thought it was the problem with battery.


I changed it. It worked for couple of days and again problem. Autozone diagnosed it having problem with alternator or voltage regulator. Alternator was replaced a couple of months ago. I towed my ES to Kunilexus. It is diagnosed problem with starter. I think I am charged too high.

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I don't know to replace it myself. I am helpless.

my lexus won t start

Lanre Olukolu answered 6 years ago. Rahat answered 6 years ago. Arthur answered 3 years ago. Where the shifter is located there is a small tab on the top left side remove it press in the white button and with foot on brake while holding the white button down shift your car from park. If that works then you have a problem with your neutral safety switch.

Guru2VCF answered 2 years ago.My IS will not start.

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I push the brake in and push the start button when the light is green and the only thing that happens is the gauge needles move like they normally do when it starts, but nothing else happens. No ticking noise, no attempt to turn over, no noises what so ever. This past Saturday I started it and pulled it out of the garage to let it warm up before I left home. I went into the house for a couple minutes and when I came back out it was not running. I then replaced the battery with a new one because I new the car needed a new battery and colder weather was on its way.

After I put the new battery in the car, it started right up. Today, 2 days later, my girlfriend went outside and started the car. She immediately pulled the car out of the garage and the car died in the driveway. Now, once again, it will not start. The battery check out fine with the volt meter. Thanks for your help in advance. First poster, but had to register to assist after what I went through. Hopefully my situation can benefit you! I'm sorry for the trouble, my car too had an intermittent starting issue.

Here's the story:. Purchase 07 is with rather low miles a few months back. Fall in love with the car. Last week,it started up and ran for about 2 seconds and then died. Check engine light came on and the car wouldn't even crank after that.Hi, I own a SC The car has been a great car for the past 4 years I've owned it.

The issue I'm having currently with the car is a starting issue. The car will start perfectly at times. I've noticed. Other times the car will not start. Then the car will start up and idle great. All of this occuring within 10 attempted starts I'm not mechanically inclined by no means, but issues I've thought it could be are as follows: 1 fly wheel,2 starter,3 vacuum leak,4 fuel filter,5 spark plugs????

It works great. Any ideas???? Not sure how you developed the list of possibilities you're working with, but of the things mentioned only fuel filter seems a possibility.

Based on what you've said, forget starter and flywheel - they'd have nothing to do with the engine not starting, except when the engine won't even turn over when you turn the key. Vacuum leak and spark plugs aren't likely to cause the symptom you describe, but if the fuel filter is very dirty, that is a possibility.

In general, fuel delivery issues behave similar to your problem - check fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel line first. Fuel itself may be contaminated with water, etc, as well, so a drastic measure may eventually be to drain the tank. On the AC fuse, are you certain you're replacing it with the right size fuse? If so, is it possible the system may have been overcharged with freon so that the compressor is lugging under the resulting high pressure?

Thanks for the info! It is much apprciated! Also the engine always turns over like it wants to start. As for the systme being overcharged with freon There is a wire and about 10 screws that hold the fuel pump in place. But yeah you will have to drain the tank first to take out the fuel pump.

I think the problem is not in the fuel pump, but the fuel pump ecu itself. This is in the driver side rear compartment.

Both seat portions need to come out to gain access. Try the fuel ECU mod provided here and report back if fixed the problem.DavidH25 answered 7 years ago. A ? First, make sure the key is 'on' if that doesn't do it, take it to the dealer. Or in your case, make them come get it.

Kyle answered 7 years ago.

my lexus won t start

If you hold the lexus smart key with the lexus emblem towards the start button it will work if the key battery is dead. MomD answered 3 years ago. I tried this and it still never worked the green light was on but it never started? The cup holder door won't open all the way. I think something slid down between the door and side of cup holder I think it was an earring.

I want to remove it. Can anyone show me a video or give My 07 lexus rx won't crank,it's turning over but won't,had no problems,just paled at the store ,got back in and wouldn't crank. Please any suggestions before I take it to mechanic.

my lexus won t start

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2007 Lexus IS250 - Car Won't Start After Battery Disconnected

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